About Hextar

Since its commencement in 1985, the Hextar brand has been marking its place as one of Malaysia’s foremost agrochemical companies.

Today, the Hextar Group is a leading crop management solutions provider, both domestically and globally, thanks to its specialised agrochemical products supply chain. From research and development, to manufacturing and distribution, Hextar has consistently provided new and improved superior agrochemical products to its customers.

Hextar Group’s business operations have diversified over time and now broadly covers these industries:


Industrial Chemicals

Oilfield & Engineering


Specialty Chemicals

Building Materials

Research & Development

With more than 600 products successfully registered in Malaysia and globally, Hextar Group operations have now expanded to 7 countries and 500 team members, serving as the best supporting system for our customers and suppliers in more than 30 countries across several continents.

Our laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, as certified by Standard Malaysia in 2016, acknowledging that our products developed in-house are more than capable to meet our customers’ needs and satisfaction.

From a family-owned agrochemical marketing company to an internationally recognised trustworthy conglomerate, Hextar Group with its diverse portfolio and solid teams is more than ready to compete in a challenging and competitive global market.