Building Materials

Established in 2010, Hextar Marketing Sdn Bhd’s primary business is in the marketing and distribution of building materials, specifically on the supply of common clay bricks, to the local construction industry.

Hextar Marketing Sdn Bhd represents and distributes building materials and products from renowned manufacturers for the following products:

  1. Common Clay Bricks
  2. Cement
  3. Ready Mix Concrete
  4. Scaffoldings and Fittings
  5. Steel Materials

These products are manufactured under stringent standards of the SIRIM QAS for ISO and Product Quality Certification, which ensures the optimum quality of the products exceeding market expectation. The products have been used in many residential, commercial and industrial developments in the various markets including Singapore.

Hextar Marketing Sdn Bhd is able to capitalize on its strategic warehouse locations within Peninsular Malaysia and the dedicated logistics team that ensures smooth and continuous deliveries to support the requirements all the time.

Product Offering

1. Common Clay Bricks

Laboratory Report
Weight : 2.2 kg Area : 20,425 mm²
Length : 215 mm Volume : 1,327,625 mm³
Width : 95 mm Density : 1,688 kg/m³
Height : 65 mm Comp. Stre : 18.5 MN/m²
Max. Load : 286 KN (Ref: Buildtest Laboratory Sdn Bhd 19-08-2004)


NORMINAL SIZE : 220mm x 96mm x 68mm (non standard)
NORMINAL SIZE : 215mm x 95mm x 70mm (non standard)
NORMINAL SIZE : 215mm x 92mm x 65mm (non standard)



2. Cement

HMSB is an authorized distributor of Hume Cement Sdn Bhd producing MS EN 197-1:2007 certified products under MS ISO 9001 and MS ISO 14001 system.

Panda Green (PCC) Cement is a brand name for superior quality blended bagged cement made by grinding high quality portland cement clinker with carefully selected cementitious materials in a controlled environment to ensure consistent performance.

ITEM MS EN 197-1:2007 CEM | 32.5N
Initial Setting Time (minutes) Not less than 75
Mortar Prism Compressive Strength
2 Days (N/mm2)
28 Days (N/mm2)
Not less than 10
Not less than 32.5
Soundness (mm) Not more than 10
Sulphuric Anhydride SO3 (%) Not more than 3.5
Chloride (%) Not more than 0.1

Panda Blue (OPC) Cement is made from high quality raw materials using a unique grinding process to give a better, consistently performing product. It offers ease of use and is multi-purpose.

ITEM MS EN 197-1:2007 CEM | 52.5N
Initial Setting Time (minutes) Not less than 45
Mortar Prism Compressive Strength
2 Days (N/mm2)
28 Days (N/mm2)
Not less than 20
Not less than 52.5
Soundness (mm) Not more than 10
Sulphuric Anhydride SO3 (%) Not more than 4.0
Chloride (%) Not more than 0.1


3. Ready Mix Concrete

HMSB is supplying the ready mix concrete produced from its existing ISO 9001 certified batching plants located in various sites within Selangor. Product offering includes special applications for specialized work such as low-heat concrete for large surfaces, High Performance Concrete, Steel Fiber Concrete, Dry Lean Concrete (DLC), Cement Treated Base (CTB), Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC).


4. Scaffolding and Fittings

HMSB distributes scaffolding steel materials including complete system for construction and industrial usage. Products are manufactured to the international specifications and standards.

Scaffolding and Accessories

G.I Pipe

Scaffolding JIS Clamp

Metal Deck

Vertical Shore / Jack Support

Safety Net


5. Steel Materials

HM trades various type and grades of steel materials which includes both flat and long products as below:

Flat Steel Products:

Long Steel Products:

Apart from raw form, the products supplied can be processed to size and form as per customers’ requirements. Such processed includes slitting, shearing and cutting which includes irregular shapes.

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