Hextar turns 30

Hextar Turns 30!

by hextar@benliau on January 10, 2016

Hextar Holdings Sdn Bhd celebrated its 30th birthday on 9th January 2015, a milestone that Hextar has achieved through an effective combination of structured business planning, knowledge, and resources.

Hextar Group has gone from its humble beginnings as an agrochemical marketing company, to aggressively growing as an internationally known company with core businesses revolving around crop management solutions, research and development, as well as the production and distribution of pesticides and distribution of pesticides and fertilizers domestically and globally.

“I am humbled reminiscing Hextar’s modest beginnings when it was established more than a quarter of a century ago in 1985. 30 years is a milestone. I envisage a company that could proactively contribute to the development and enhancement of Malaysian agricultural industry as well as enrichment of communities in this sector,” said founder and chairman of Hextar Group, Dato’ Ong Soon Ho.

“It would be remiss of me if I did not mention that Hextar’s successes over the years, whether nationally or internationally, would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of our team members. Personally, it has been an honour to have founded this organization because of the people who had been a part of it,” he added.

Current Group Managing Director, Dato’ Eddie Ong has taken over the leadership mantle from his father since 2010. “Technology in the 21st century allowed businesses to venture into continents thousands of miles away with ease. Hextar continues to prioritise quality, timely, and reliable solutions through an innovative and comprehensive range of products. This commitment has and will always serve as the foundation of Hextar’s growth as a company.”

Since its establishment, not only has Hextar successful registered 600 patents and products in Malaysia and globally, it has now expanded to 7 countries and 500 team members, serving as the best support system for our customers and suppliers in more than 30 countries across several continents.