Leader in the agrochemicals scene, while offering other top-notch chemicals related products in both local and global landscape.

Reputable major key player, specializes in manufacturing, trading and distribution of a complete range of branded agrochemicals.

Protecting and improving health of people and communities with reliable range of public health products.

Trusted business partner in delivering high quality of chemicals to various industries such as Food and Pharmaceutical.

Specializes in producing specialty chemicals such as surfactants, emulsifiers, demulsifiers for various industries.

Exceptional R&D team with capabilities and facilities in areas of product improvement, new formulation and many more.

Supplies and develops chemicals used in the oilfield industry.

Forefront in specialty cleaning products for the institutional, manufacturing and industrial markets


Established and well-known complete crop management solution provider with customization capabilities.

A type of fertilizer that may contain two or more nutrients, where it is produced through a process of granulation/compaction of mixture of various types of straight fertilizers.

Straight – A raw fertilizer material that may contain single/multiple nutrients.

Bulk Blend & Mixture – A type of fertilizer that is produced through process of physical mix of various types of straight fertilizers.

A type of fertilizer that is enriched with organic matters & alga fertilizers.

A type of fertilizer with special or different characteristics that provides unique function and efficacy.


Impacting businesses by providing sustainable energy solutions with the support of our experienced team.

Specializes in biogas generation projects to treat Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) wastewater.

Protects over thousands of buildings by providing world class solutions.

Helping businesses lower their operating costs through strategic energy management system.


Serving various industrial-related needs with technological system capabilities, facilities, equipment, and solutions.

Provides high quality, internationally compliant products and services to various industries such as upstream oil & gas production and many more.

Offers cost-saving solutions to businesses by providing automation and robotic solutions.

Leading quarry industrial equipment distributor, supplying to over 500 domestic customers in quarrying activities.

Delivering customized temperature and power control rental solutions according to your needs.

As a leading manufacturer of fibre optic cables in Malaysia, we innovate connectivity, make communications happen and inspire technology excellence.

Provides high quality, certified industrial building materials for residential, commercial and industrial developments.


Offers high quality products that are certified and safe to use in the consumer industry landscape.

Leading manufacturer in producing and distributing quality paper, cotton and wipe products.

Manufactures high quality gloves using world’s best technology for various industries.

A major forerunner in Malaysia household plasticware industry

Producing wood-based furniture, furniture plywood, paper and veneer laminations

Most established and largest manufacturer and exporter of purely wooden picture frame length mouldings